These are just a few of our recent successes. We just began this list so please bear with us as we develop it further. Thank you.

02/17/2017 Ms. Copeland Aguirre succesfully argued for asylum on behalf of her Mexican citizen client. Client will be able to apply for legal residence as a result.

12/15/2016 Ms. Copeland Aguirre secured a conditional parole release (where the family did not have to pay any money) for a detained immigration client with a previous DUI.

12/06/2016 Ms. Copeland Aguirre convinced a Judge to vacate a decision made by the Asylum Office that her client did not have a fear of returning to his country. The client was bonded out and home with his family in the United States three days later.

09/16/2016 Client with previous deportation allowed to fight his removal case after Ms. Copeland Aguirre successfully argued that the Los Angeles Asylum Office should reconsider their decision that he did not have a fear of returning to his country.

08/10/2016 Ms. Copeland Aguirre filed a petition to remove conditions on a permanent residency for a person who was put into removal proceedings. Ms. Copeland Aguirre thereafter successfully argued to close the person’s removal proceedings so that his petition to become a Legal Permanent Resident could proceed.

05/24/2016 LGBT Client with Previous Deportation Allowed to Stay in the United States indefinitely after Ms. Copeland Aguirre successfully argued that client would be subject to torture if returned to El Salvador.

02/23/2016 Ms. Copeland Aguirre successfully argued for closure of removal proceedings so that a single mother of three United States Citizen Children could remain in the United States also helping her get her work permit so she could legally work.